Nickels is a Reiki Master, a Kundalini Yoga teacher (eRYT 200, YACEP®), and a facilitator of somatic practices, integrating information from: Body Mind Centering (B. Bainbridge Cohen), the Feldenkrais Method (M. Feldenkrais), Bartenieff Fundamentals (I. Bartenieff), the Alexander Technique (F.M. Alexander), Ideokinesis (M. Todd), and Authentic Movement (M. Starks Whitehouse). Nickels teaches all levels of modern and contemporary dance technique, as well as courses in composition, dance studies, and dance pedagogy. 

Before my first appointment with Nickels, I was both hopeful and skeptical about the efficaciousness of Reiki.  Although a couple of my mentors, Remy Charlip and Jack Moore, were deeply engaged in this healing practice, my experience with Reiki sessions in the past had been only vaguely helpful.  After the first session with Nickels, I felt profound results within my body mind and am very grateful for Nickels’ compassionate skill.

Over the past six years I have continued Reiki work with Nickels. Each session is similar and yet intensely different, offering noetic and somatic insight, guidance, and healing on conscious and subconscious levels of awareness. Reiki sessions with Nickels have helped me work through physical, emotional, and psychological issues including muscular pain, tooth aches, post traumatic stress and support during the grief process.  In Reiki sessions with Nickels I have experienced deep psychosomatic imagery, swirling energetic cleansing through colors, and a clear sensate realization that Reiki helps guide the body mind cells of my body to organize for self-healing.  I sense a deep harmonic resonance with Nickels and recognize them as a gifted and accomplished Reiki practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend Reiki with them.  

With deep appreciation and gratitude for your wisdom and skill,

Carol McDowell 7/2/2016

Nickels was absolutely wonderful. It can be a rare thing for a professor to genuinely care about each students' performance while also being able to actively help the students improve. Nickels did this by letting everyone know that they valued each person, by using imagery that sparked everyone's imaginations, and by being both challenging and encouraging. Wow!

Student, Whitman College 5/9/2016




About Reiki:

Reiki is a mode of healing that uses hands-on touch to strengthen energy on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual planes. 

Rei—vital force of the cosmos; spirit; ghost

Ki—energy; Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Prana in Ayurveda

In treatment, the universal and the individual are aligned and balanced. 


The universe is energy and everything is created out of energy. The energy that makes a mountain so makes a human being. We are connected to the earth: the plants, animals, and all living things. In reiki, the energy is drawn from the universe and transmitted through the palms of the hands to achieve a rebalancing of life force. 

The source of reiki is defined as primordial consciousness—the oneness of all. Reiki expresses itself through vibration, a subtle but tangible pulsation that is the underpinning of all life. Like all life, reiki is varied in its expression. The common thread for practitioners is to trust that energy has intelligence; it knows where to go and what to do. There is only that connection that opens up expansion to the primordial consciousness and allows it to flow and settle, to create balance and relaxation.

Reiki can be used for self-treatment, or for treating others, to enhance the entire being—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The practice most commonly involves placement of hands, with light touch, on the receiver to facilitate flow, but it can also be used as a distance healing practice. A reiki practitioner can work above the body, if a client finds touch uncomfortable, otherwise touch can be applied through clothing, through a sheet or blanket, or directly on the skin. There is no intentional moving around of energy, visualizing colors of light, or tuning into frequencies. There is only the laying on of hands. 

Nickels offers Reiki sessions in studio, at home, or long distance at a sliding scale rate. Please call or email to make an appointment.